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Company Democracy Model NFTs

Management Science Art

The Company Democracy Model has been developed after 15 years of intense research, and keeps on being developed.

It has been introduced to hundreds of organizations under various applications, taught to more than 10.000 students at 50+ universities, inspired hundreds of student dissertations and   published more than 250 academic papers.

Each figure of the model was created with hundreds of hours of work, thinking, testing and revisions.

Therefore, we considered each CDM figure intellectual art, science art, or more specifically management science and history.

Own part of the CDM history

Invest in Intellectual / Science Art  

A limited number of CDM NFTs have been developed to celebrate the first book of CDM. 

The first collection is on the original and iconic pyramid of the Company Democracy Model in 5 variations.  

NFT Series Title: The original Company Democracy Model Pyramid

Location: Figure 12.3. Located on page 213 of the CDM book

Explanation: The figures presents the original CDM pyramid with the 6 levels of the CDM in 5 variations.

  • NFT 1:  Signed original CDM Pyramid with the CDM book. 

  • NFT 2:  Signed original CDM Pyramid.

  • NFT 3:  Polaroid type CDM Pyramids.

  • NFT 4:  Original CDM Pyramid with the CDM book. 

  • NFT 5:  Original CDM Pyramid.

History: The first draft of this figure was drawn on September 2009 by Dr. Evangelos Markopoulos in his attempt to describe an evolutionary development process based on organizational maturity. On December 2011 the figures were changed to reflect the co-evolutionary concept through this maturity. On September 2012 the figure added the democratic dimension and became part of the Company Democracy model research. An early version was published in June 2013 at a national conference in Athens Greece.  Its complete version was first published and internationally introduced in May 2014 at the 5th AFHE conference in Krakow Poland. It is the most iconic figure of the CDM and formed the base for all the other figures that followed the development, evolution and application of the model.

Select the desired NFT


NFT 1:  Signed original CDM Pyramid with the CDM book.


NFT 2:  Signed original CDM Pyramid.


NFT 3:  Polaroid type CDM Pyramids.

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